Amazon Linux 2023 virtual machine images still MIA

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When Amazon Linux 2023 was released connected March 15, it was expected to beryllium offered arsenic a virtual instrumentality image that organizations could tally connected their ain servers.

"When Amazon Linux 2023 becomes mostly available, it will beryllium provided arsenic a virtual instrumentality image for on-premises use, enabling you to easy develop, test, and certify applications from a section improvement environment," nan web titan's FAQs stated astatine nan time. "This action is not disposable during nan preview."

But that committedness has since vanished from nan FAQ: it's not location correct now nor successful this capture of nan page connected June 2. And it's not clear whether Amazon intends to alteration on-premises usage of its Linux distribution.

Those who usage Linux successful their businesses person been asking Amazon to explain nan business for eighteen months, starting pinch a GitHub Issues feature request opened connected March 15, 2022, and a similar inquiry posted a twelvemonth later.

In precocious June, Rotan Hanrahan, a exertion advisor based successful Dublin, Ireland, chided Amazon for failing to explicate what's going on.

"I spot nary grounds of immoderate outreach to nan organization to explicate this, nor immoderate requests for method assistance (assuming nan rumor is technical)," he wrote. "If nan rumor is bureaucratic successful nature, we mightiness ne'er spot nan promised VM image. Some explanation from Amazon is overdue."

Last month, Stewart Smith, main package technologist astatine Amazon, flagged nan characteristic petition and added it to nan Amazon Linux 2023 Feature Backlog list. That suggests nan expertise to tally on-premises VMs could still happen. And while Smith acknowledged his ain vexation pinch nan issue, he offered nary circumstantial committedness aliases time-table.

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  • AWS and IBM Netezza travel retired successful support of Iceberg successful array format face-off
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Earlier this week, Chris Swan, an technologist astatine privateness level biz Atsign and a exertion writer, joined nan chat to prod Amazon for failing to travel through.

"Given nan chaos successful nan Enterprise Linux (EL) abstraction since Red Hat announced changes to RHEL root readiness location was a existent opportunity for Amazon Linux to go nan preferred distro for those wanting large institution backing without subscribing to RHEL (or dealing pinch Oracle)," he wrote. "But that opportunity is being squandered, connected this very issue. If group can't tally AL23 everyplace that they want EL, past they'll astir apt take thing other arsenic their baseline.

"Furthermore, promising images and past failing to present makes it look for illustration nan task isn't decently resourced, which is different ding connected trust."

Corey Quinn, main unreality economist astatine The Duckbill Group consultancy, told The Register AWS doesn't look to beryllium steering its Linux distribution to reside nan concerns of those utilizing its software.

"I deliberation that they've made different decisions that'll lead to a deficiency of adoption," he said. "The truth that it doesn't (for instance) activity pinch upstream RHEL/CentOS repositories like EPEL is really what dooms it, because who nan hellhole wants to beryllium astir building RPMs successful nan twelvemonth of our lord 2023?"

Amazon did not respond to a petition for comment. ®