Attorney sues Microsoft for $1.75M, claiming his email has been useless since May

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A New Jersey lawyer is suing Microsoft for $1.75 million, claiming it didn't hole a verification rumor that has trim him disconnected from his paid activity email, and truthful from communications pinch judges and clients, crippling his expertise to woody pinch his caseload and leaving him astatine consequence of making ethical violations.

In nan complaint [PDF] – first revenge successful New York authorities but later moved to nan Southern District of New York – David M Schlachter asks for $750,000 successful damages and $1 cardinal successful punitive damages. He alleges that he mislaid entree to his Microsoft business email relationship successful May, but that nan package elephantine grounded to extricate him from a verification loop that was preventing him from getting into his account, which he says he pays for via a monthly subscription.

The problem started, according to nan attorney's complaint, erstwhile he tried to log successful connected May 10, and nan strategy asked him for his "2 measurement verification."

Schlachter describes being caught successful an "error codification 500121" loop and provides a screenshot successful nan complaint.


According to nan complaint, he has a customer work statement but nary expertise to email tech support. He alleges he waited connected clasp for 3 hours earlier receiving thief from a customer support specialist. "After 30 minutes of talking to nan master and answering questions nan CS personification told him that this was a 'business account' and he would person to interaction nan business method work team."

He goes connected to declare that that aforesaid evening, he texted customer support and received nan business method support line, receiving a lawsuit number connected May 12. Schlachter claims that aft this point, he was incapable to scope anyone connected nan customer support statement for 4 days. "He would hold connected clasp for 3 to 5 hours astatine a clip (this is not an exaggeration) and nan statement would past spell dead." On May 15, he alleges he was fixed different lawsuit number and promised a telephone backmost "at 12 noon" but "no 1 called him."

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He claims to person called again doubly each time for nan adjacent 5 days. "Every clip he called, nan support personification told him he could not beryllium transferred to either a supervisor aliases nan technologist moving connected his matter. They are moving connected it and it will beryllium resolve[d] soon – to paraphrase."

He goes connected to allege: "The tech support personification besides called him connected his replacement number, his agency line, and verified erstwhile he picked up." Although they texted him "verification codes," nan problem wasn't solved.

The title was moved to Southern District of New York precocious past week and nan filing claims that "this matter remains unresolved."

Among different things, Schlachter alleges he "has had nary entree to NJ eCourts because nan online strategy requests email verification to that account"; can't "pay loans because nan online portal strategy for nan indebtedness payments is linked to that account"; is "not receiving immoderate connection from Federal Bankruptcy Courts, and he has unfastened cases", and can't pass pinch "Judges, clerks, adversaries, colleagues, clients, United States Trustees" who person nan address.

The lawyer explained successful nan complaint:

Claiming he's losing business and astatine consequence of having ethical and master licenses withdrawn, he accuses Microsoft of some breach of statement and "tortious business dealings" for "wantonly delaying a nan elemental remedy of aiding 1 azygous email access." Trial lawyer Michael Lieberman of Fox Rothschild is representing [PDF] Microsoft. We person asked nan institution for comment. ®