AWS fixes strange clunks in its on-prem data-crunchers

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Amazon Web Services has made its Snowball Edge devices remotely manageable and yet enabled multi-year deployments of nan on-prem data-crunching machines.

The devices battalion a 3.2Ghz CPU, 80GB of RAM, and up to 80TB of storage, positive different lazy terabyte dedicated to moving EC2 instances connected nan device. AWS suggests nan devices are perfect for doing pre-processing of information retired connected nan edge, alternatively than moving everything stored connected nan devices each nan measurement to an Amazonian spot barn.

Hitherto, Snowball Edge devices could only beryllium managed from nan LAN to which they were connected. Replacements were besides required each 360 days, because instrumentality certificates could not beryllium updated remotely.

Yes, beloved reader: AWS, nan paragon of each things cloudy, offered only section entree to a instrumentality designed to widen its unreality onto customers' premises and into nan overseas places wherever separator computing makes astir sense. And those devices had to spell backmost to nan mothership each 360 days to person a teensy spot of codification updated, aliases they'd brick.

Both oddities are fixed now.

AWS connected Wednesday announced that Snowball devices tin now beryllium managed from AWS OpsHub aliases nan AWS Command Line Interface – some cloudy services.

Snowball Edge certificates tin now besides beryllium updated remotely.

AWS states its cloudy devices mean Snowball Edge devices tin beryllium utilized to negociate "one aliases thousands of Snowball Edge devices, moreover erstwhile they are geographically dispersed." Remote cert update "enables customers to deploy Snowball Edge devices for aggregate years," states nan unreality giant's announcement.

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Makers of vanilla servers aimed astatine nan separator – specified devices astir ever connection hybrid unreality connectivity and distant manageability – must person wondered really AWS brought Snowball Edge to marketplace pinch specified idiosyncrasies baked in.

Any specified smirking astir apt needs to extremity soon, because Snowball Edge looks a much fearsome competitor for buyers of separator compute. And for renters – for specified is nan Amazonian way. ®