Broadcom CEO says hiking VMware prices is not his strategy

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Broadcom president and CEO Hock Tan has penned a blog post successful which he declares that expanding nan prices of VMware products is not his strategy.

"Our maturation into a world exertion leader was not based connected taking existing products and raising their prices, but by creating exertion and products that supply clear worth to customers and continuing to amended them," Tan wrote.

"The Broadcom business lawsuit for this transaction is premised connected focusing connected nan business model, expanding R&D, and executing truthful that customers spot nan worth of nan afloat portfolio of innovative merchandise offerings – not connected expanding prices."

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VMware's subscriptions commencement astatine 16 cores, prices won't beryllium made public


"Following nan adjacent of nan transaction, we will put successful and innovate VMware's products truthful we tin waste moreover much of them and turn nan VMware business wrong enterprises, deepening and expanding nan footprint alternatively of perchance raising prices."

Pricing is an rumor for VMware customers because Symantec customers and transmission person reported steep increases aft nan acquisition of its endeavor information products, pinch Broadcom utilizing them arsenic a awesome to smaller customers that it is really only willing successful serving a fewer 100 colossal businesses.

VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram has told The Register Broadcom won't repetition that tactic. He based on that Symantec was a mature institution successful a mature industry, while VMware has plentifulness of upside arsenic it pursues a early arsenic a head of aggregate workloads spanning aggregate clouds.

Tan's station explains that Broadcom intends to proceed that quest.

"Customers are enthusiastic astir nan multi-cloud imagination and, pinch accrued resources from Broadcom pursuing transaction close, nan imaginable to instrumentality it arsenic VMware grows and increases momentum successful nan space," he wrote.

The station besides includes a committedness to clasp and perpetrate to VMware's cloud-native exertion platform, Tanzu.

VMware spent years trying – and mostly failing – to articulate really it would move beyond its spot successful IT operations to reside nan request for infrastructure that is much responsive to nan needs of developers and suited to nan needs of cloud-native applications.

Tanzu is its effort to do so, but is simply a sprawling postulation of products and services that nan institution says is champion adopted successful conjunction pinch nan bits of Pivotal Labs that VMware absorbed successful 2019. For Tanzu to succeed, VMware will besides person to triumph nan hearts and minds of developers, an assemblage it has not traditionally wooed but which is very good known to rivals specified arsenic Red Hat that has an arguably much mature unreality autochthonal offering successful nan shape of OpenShift..

Some person speculated that Broadcom could see Tanzu non-core and dispose of it.

Tan's station knocks that thought connected nan head: "I spot Tanzu arsenic a strategical portion of nan VMware package portfolio and it will stay that measurement arsenic we move guardant wrong Broadcom," he wrote.

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But nan station doesn't mention VMware's end-user compute portfolio, 1 of nan slower-growing parts of its merchandise statement that has besides been nan taxable of spinout speculation.

The station specifications Tan's caller travels to chat pinch VMware customers successful nan US, UK, Germany and France, and nan feedback he heard astir what they want from nan company.

Those customers look to person mostly told Tan they want and request VMware's existent portfolio of products.

Tan's station besides included nan pursuing connection of Broadcom’s strategy erstwhile it runs VMware:

In different words, dependable arsenic she goes, pinch nan accent connected nan transmission that Broadcom has antecedently promised.

Another point Tan's station fails to mention is nan accelerated displacement to subscriptions that was promised erstwhile nan takeover was announced.

But 2 weeks agone VMware itself published a portion outlining its scheme to create much subscription offerings on nan aforesaid lines arsenic nan vSphere+ and VSAN+ offerings announced successful June 2022.

VMware had antecedently mentioned those plans without rather nan general declaration nan caller station entails – possibly signifying it is softening up its customer guidelines for a shift.

The station astir VMware's subscription plans besides states that ye olde on-prem licensing, complete pinch a request for licence keys, will stay disposable – particularly for those whose rigs are not connected to clouds. ®