Developers now able to 'customize' their Azure Virtual Desktop experience

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Microsoft has introduced customization capabilities successful Azure designed to make it easier for developers and admins to mold their projects to their will.

One of nan tweaks allows users to adhd customized capabilities to nan images utilized successful Azure Virtual Desktop. Custom image templates – which is successful nationalist preview – fto users build a "custom 'golden image' that combines components from Azure Virtual Desktop and their ain customization book to instal different applications aliases sets of configurations."

An AIB wrapper

The civilization image template is simply a "wrapper" for nan Azure Image Builder (AIB) service, according to Tom Hickling, elder merchandise head for Azure Virtual Desktop.

"It takes nan elements that you want to see successful your build, and ships it to nan AIB service, which builds nan image including immoderate further customizations you person either selected from nan [Azure Virtual Desktop] built-in customizations aliases those of your own," Hicking writes successful a blog post.

"AIB will past administer nan resulting image to either a managed image aliases to nan Azure Compute Gallery, which supports capabilities specified arsenic automated versioning and image replication crossed immoderate Azure region."

The package behemoth is offering a scope of built-in customizations that developers tin prime to tailor configurations of aureate images. Developers will request to constitute their ain PowerShell scripts to configure nan images if they're utilizing different devices to create images, Hickling writes.

The built-in customizations see installing connection packs, FSLogix and Teams, and configuring surface seizure protection and convention timeouts. More are coming, Hicking adds.

He notes that this is Microsoft's first foray into offering features for image guidance natively successful Azure Virtual Desktop, and says nan institution will adhd to nan work later. Future features will see enabling automated scheduled recurring image creation and integration pinch app stores to instal applications into nan images.

Making nan connectors

At nan aforesaid time, Microsoft now supports managed civilization connectors for Logic Apps Standard conscionable arsenic it does pinch Logic Apps Consumption. Azure Logic Apps is simply a unreality level that enables developers to build and tally automated workflows pinch small aliases nary codification by utilizing a ocular designer and prebuilt operations.

The workflows tin beryllium utilized to merge and negociate apps, data, services, and systems, according to Redmond.

Azure Logic Apps travel successful two flavors: Logic App Consumption, which runs successful multi-tenant environments, and Logic App Standard for single-tenant operations.

The caller support "allows you to now usage your existing civilization connectors from Logic Apps Standard on pinch Logic Apps Consumption," Microsoft Program Manager Divya Swarnkar writes successful a blog post. "If you are starting connected Logic Apps Standard, this is simply a awesome action if your backend services aliases APIs are hosted successful public. Custom connector is an hold capacity of Logic Apps level that allows you to build connectors for services aliases applications for which retired of container connectors are not available."

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There are 2 steps programmers will request to return to usage civilization connectors successful workflows. The first is creating nan civilization connector, a one-time task that is nan aforesaid whether 1 is utilizing it successful Logic Apps Standard aliases Consumption. The adjacent is utilizing nan connector to move Logic App workflows, which again is nan aforesaid acquisition for either model.

That said, Swarnkar notes that Microsoft is moving to hole known issues coming pinch nan App Logic Standard support. In particular, nan civilization connector whitethorn not show up connected nan database by default for a mates of reasons that nan package shaper found, including a UI bug, immoderate older civilization connectors not being picked up arsenic expected.

Until nan updates are available, programmers tin look for it successful nan Search barroom to reside nan UI bug rumor aliases updating nan civilization connector – which besides updates nan timestamp – truthful it will get picked up, she says. ®