EDB offers 'risk-free' migration to lure Oracle users to the PostgreSQL side

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EnterpriseDB, a support and services institution for database PostgreSQL, has launched what it calls a "risk-free" attack to migrating applications from Oracle's database to nan unfastened root relational system.

One expert said it came astatine a clip erstwhile galore Oracle customers "may yet beryllium fresh to move" distant from Big Red's near-omnipresent database systems.

Speaking to The Register, EDB main exertion serviceman Marc Linster said nan woody was applicable to Oracle customers signing up for a two-year statement to tally a 64-core lawsuit of PostgreSQL. Organizations signing up for nan woody do not commencement paying until nan caller strategy is up and moving and has been tested, he said.

"If a customer is consenting to activity pinch america past we're going to put a woody successful spot and that is contingent connected america being capable to do this migration and america gathering nan customer's capacity and value requirements. And only erstwhile they say, 'Yep, it's done,' past nan woody becomes effective. It's america being astatine risk," Linster said.

Before agreeing to return connected nan database migration, EDB said it would study nan personification astir their database and application. It would past tally a mini exertion against your Oracle database to extract nan DDLs to understand nan schema definitions and stored procedures.

The connection is disposable to instances of Oracle Database 11g, 12c, 18c, and 19c that are little than 500GB successful size. While 21c is included, 23c is not supported yet, nan institution confirmed. It besides applies to applications developed in-house. Linster said location was a different way for migrating third-party applications successful conjunction pinch nan exertion vendor. Oracle applications would not suffice for nan deal.

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Users tin migrate to EDB Postgres successful a self-managed backstage unreality aliases a afloat managed nationalist unreality database-as-a-service, dubbed EDB BigAnimal. Carl Olofson, investigation vice president astatine IDC, said location was a group of Oracle database users, medium-sized successful position of revenue, that had been looking to migrate to PostgreSQL for a while.

"They've been very cautious but whitethorn yet beryllium fresh to move," Olofson said. "This is each astir unreality migration, and they must beryllium comfortable pinch BigAnimal, EDB's unreality platform. Oracle has countered pinch fierce advances successful their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offerings, but are hampered by nan truth that their champion exertion must tally connected OCI and can't beryllium blended very easy pinch different unreality platforms, though they person a high-speed interconnect pinch Microsoft Azure and Azure autochthonal tools.

"BigAnimal tin tally connected immoderate nationalist unreality platform, and that is EDB's advantage correct now. Still, immoderate database migration tin beryllium costly and risky, and must beryllium approached pinch caution."

Craig Guarente, laminitis and CEO of Oracle licensing advisory patient Palisade Compliance, said moving distant from Oracle was nan starting constituent for a personification redeeming connected costs.

But he warned: "From a licensing perspective, however, conscionable because you usage little Oracle doesn't mean you will walk little connected Oracle. It will beryllium really important for anyone participating successful this programme to cautiously navigate their Oracle usage, contracts, and compliance." ®