Exchange Online and Microsoft Teams went down in APAC because Microsoft broke itself

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Updated Microsoft's flagship cloudy productivity services are down crossed nan Asia-Pacific region.

"Our first investigation indicates that location our work infrastructure is performing astatine a sub-optimal level, resulting successful effect to wide work functionality" states an advisory time-stamped 12:41PM connected December 2.

The incident intends customers of Exchange Online whitethorn not beryllium capable to entree nan service, nonstop email and/or files, aliases usage what Microsoft described arsenic "General functionality".

The effect connected Teams means:

  • Users whitethorn acquisition issues scheduling/editing meetings and/or unrecorded meetings;
  • People Picker/Search usability whitethorn not activity arsenic expected;
  • Users whitethorn beryllium incapable to hunt Microsoft Teams;
  • Users whitethorn beryllium incapable to load nan Assignments tab successful Microsoft Teams.

Messaging, chat, channels, and different halfway Teams services look to beryllium available.

Microsoft appears not to cognize what's wrong.

"While we continuing to analyse immoderate applicable diagnostic data, we are restarting a subset of nan affected infrastructure to find if that will supply alleviation to nan service," stated an update posted 17 minutes aft nan first position notice.

Another update, time-stamped 1:14PM, offers nan pursuing information:

Microsoft's advisory states that nan rumor "may effect immoderate personification wrong nan Asia-Pacific region." The Register was alerted to nan business by a personification successful Australia, and our speedy scan of societal media only yielded mentions astir nan outage successful Japanese.

  • France says non to Office 365 and Google Workspace successful school
  • Microsoft reviews M365 resilience aft Indian outage
  • Microsoft Teams outage widens to return retired M365 services, admin center
  • Submarine cablegram harm brings net symptom to Asia, Africa

Suffice to opportunity that instrumentality translations of those Japanese-language posts output expressions of frustrations astatine nan outage, and nan truth that Microsoft's Twitter position feed has thing to opportunity astir nan incident.

The Register will support an oculus connected this incident and update this communicative arsenic nan business changes. ®

Updated astatine 04:30 UTC Microsoft's latest position update suggests this incident is getting worse.

A position update time-stamped 3:14PM - it's unclear successful which clip area - states nan incident now besides impacts SharePoint Online, Microsoft PowerApps, and Microsoft PowerAutomate.

It besides specifications a wider effect connected Teams, including contacts becoming unavailable and problems initiating caller chats.

"Our work readiness remains astatine a unchangeable level and we are still focused connected knowing nan underlying root of nan rumor and ensuring nan problem does not reoccur," nan update states.

Updated astatine 22:00 UTC, December 2nd The incident has ended! An update to Microsoft's incident study time-stamped 2314 connected December 2 offers nan explanation of nan preliminary guidelines cause:

Microsoft tested transitioning distant from nan problematic bequest process and restarting affected infrastructure.

Which worked, truthful nan institution did nan aforesaid point successful its unrecorded environment.

The incident ran for 9 hours and 59 minutes, from 1355 UTC connected December 1st to 0954 UTC connected December 2.

Microsoft has promised to people a due incident study wrong 5 days. We'll look it up and study connected its content, either arsenic a further update to this communicative aliases a caller portion of prose.