Executive exodus from Intel depth and tracking tech arm RealSense continues

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Another cardinal executive who was portion of Intel's RealSense group – which is winding down operations – near nan institution this month.

Anders Grunnet-Jepsen, formerly main exertion serviceman of nan RealSense group, has started a occupation arsenic caput of precocious improvement astatine Luminar.

"I will beryllium moving crossed nan state from Silicon Valley to Orlando to activity for Luminar wherever I will caput up improvement of their astonishing adjacent procreation Computer Vision and Lidar products focused connected making cars and trucks safer," Grunnet-Jepsen said successful a statement sent via a Luminar representative.

Luminar makes components and applications that are geared toward autonomous driving. Intel's Mobileye autonomous car business is listed arsenic a partner connected Luminar's website.

In a sense, Grunnet-Jepsen is moving successful a guidance wherever nan upwind is blowing. There is simply a increasing request for imaging cameras and sensors successful nan title for autonomous cars. Car makers are moving independently pinch companies for illustration Luminar to build homegrown autonomous car systems.

Intel successful August confirmed a report from CRN that it was winding down nan RealSense business.

The caput of nan RealSense Group, Sagi Ben Moshe, exited Intel successful August.

Executives leaving divisions being unopen down is not uncommon. Intel declined to remark connected Grunnet-Jepsen's departure.

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RealSense products are still disposable connected Intel's website, but astir – minus a fewer exceptions – will beryllium pulled from nan marketplace successful February adjacent year. An Intel spokeswoman confirmed nan timeline.

Intel will proceed making Stereo Camera products, which are being utilized successful mobile autonomous robots. The cameras are much of a ocular assistance to robots, giving a snapshot of surroundings for artificial intelligence applications that see navigation.

"The EOL [end-of-life] announcement successful August included a 6-month EOL play and nan past clip to bargain is astatine nan extremity of February 2022. RealSense will proceed to waste nan EOL products done Feb’22. Additionally, we will proceed to waste nan afloat Stereo Product statement arsenic nan Stereo Cameras are not EOL," a spokeswoman said. ®