Global Slack messaging outage cuts world off from colleagues

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No, your colleagues aren't conscionable taking ages to respond, Slack is presently staggering to its feet aft experiencing a world outage crossed each regions.

Although nan Status page until conscionable minutes agone was showing a oversea of greenish ticks, nan problems started astir an hr ago. Other app level functions specified arsenic Notifications, Login and Search each showed an up position (meaning astir group were still happily typing messages into Slack alongside a greenish circle showing their online status) – truthful if a personification had nan app up and running, location was nary measurement they'd cognize of nan outage, different than getting nary consequence to messages. Users person told america their messages appeared to beryllium sending, and were not greyed retired arsenic successful erstwhile outages, but nevertheless did not look connected their colleagues' apps.

Messaging appears to beryllium coming backmost online successful immoderate parts, but has been down for nan count crossed nan world for astir an hour.

Slack noted connected its Status Page astatine 0953 UTC: "Slack is experiencing an outage crossed nan app. Users whitethorn beryllium experiencing problem pinch sending messages, utilizing workflows and various different actions successful Slack. We're investigating and will fto you cognize arsenic soon arsenic we cognize more. We admit your patience successful nan meantime."

As 1 Twitter commentator noted conscionable minutes ago: "I thought it was a section rumor because nan position page was each green."

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Matthew Hodgson, CEO of UK-based end-to-end encrypted messaging appElement, said: "The centralized creation of Slack intends that, erstwhile location is simply a problem, it's apt that nan full work goes down.

"Decentralized systems are acold much reliable arsenic they tin withstand important disruption and still support workforces communicating. It's 1 of nan reasons why we're seeing an summation successful enterprises utilizing Element and nan decentralized Matrix network."

The comms platform, bought by Salesforce successful 2020 for $27 billion, hauled successful $1.5 cardinal of subscription and support revenues for its fiscal 2022, nan 12 months ended January 31, 2023.

Slack hasn't group retired numbers connected its regular progressive users since 2019, erstwhile it had 12 million+, but is estimated by much than 1 expert to person astir 18 to 20 cardinal astatine present. This still lags Microsoft's Teams, which nan Windows shaper says has 280 million, though Slack has antecedently quibbled complete its meaning of "active."

A spokesperson astatine Slack sent america a connection astir today's outage: "Our teams are alert and are investigating nan issue. For nan latest updates please support an oculus connected" ®