Google threatens to inject Duet AI bot into more corners of Workspace: Meet, Chat, etc

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Cloud Next Google is rolling retired a bunch of generative AI models and devices crossed its Workspace apps and Cloud, including an description of nan promised Duet AI, its individual virtual assistant.

The advertisement elephantine earlier this twelvemonth teased it was adding ChatGPT-like Duet to its Workspace suite of cloud-based agency applications – nan postulation formerly known arsenic G Suite: we were told nan chatty bot tin beryllium utilized to make worldly for Google Slides, shape rows and columns successful Sheets, and make backgrounds successful Meet, for instance.

Now it's threatening to inject into different areas of Workspace Duet's generative functionality – you inquire it to do aliases make something, and it tries its best.

Google finds itself successful nan peculiar business of having spent years and years researching, building, and deploying machine-learning systems – it fundamentally developed transformers, nan neural web architecture powering today's roar successful generative AI – but is perceived, astatine least, arsenic having fallen down Microsoft and OpenAI, which person been hyping up their AI products and billing themselves arsenic pioneers.

Google has recovered retired nan difficult measurement that nary matter really overmuch absorbing worldly you travel up pinch successful a lab, for your ain systems aliases for research, if you don't openly and obnoxiously productize and marketplace it early on, you'll beryllium seen arsenic a chaser alternatively than a leader by pundits.


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And truthful earlier this year, Google rushed to merchandise its chatbot Bard amid fears Microsoft's revamped generative-AI-based Bing web hunt mightiness eat into its ain hunt motor business. OpenAI besides grabbed each nan attraction pinch its gone-viral ChatGPT bot and a companion API service, and text-to-image package DALL-E. Google has crushed to make up, successful nan public's view.

On nan 1 hand, this was arguably Microsoft and OpenAI's win: they pushed products that caught nan nationalist and media's attention, and Google didn't capitalize capable connected its investigation activity beforehand. On nan other, Google possibly didn't spot nan worth successful deploying mindless bots that confidently dress up stuff, though now it has to beryllium seen to do thing aliases nan shareholders will revolt.

At its Cloud Next '23 event this week, nan Big G announced Duet is coming to enterprises costing $30 per month. Pricing for normal people remains unannounced.

IT departments willing successful trying Duet AI tin request a trial. Powered by nan tech titan's PaLM 2 ample connection model, we're told nan instrumentality tin make matter successful Google Docs aliases Gmail fixed an input punctual aliases query. It tin besides beryllium utilized to drill into Google's security-related services, specified arsenic its Mandiant Threat Intelligence, if you person access.

It tin also, arsenic promised earlier, nutrient images and captions for Google Slides aliases shape information connected Google Sheets. Now we're told Duet AI tin aliases will beryllium capable to automatically return notes successful Google Meet, construe reside for 18 different languages, and talk to users arsenic a chatbot via Google Chat. 

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Other updates announced astatine nan trading arena see beefing up PaLM 2's capabilities to support 38 languages and extending its discourse model - nan magnitude of matter it tin process successful its input punctual - to 32,000 tokens, capable words to capable up astir 85 pages of text. Google has besides improved nan value of its code-generating exemplary Codey and its text-to-image package Imagen, aliases truthful nan biz claims. 

Researchers astatine Google DeepMind person meantime developed SynthID, a instrumentality that watermarks images generated by Imagen. The pixels person been altered successful a measurement that allows package to place nan watermark while being invisible to nan quality eye.

The beta type of SynthID is being released to a constricted number of customers who usage Imagen connected Google's Vertex AI unreality platform, to thief them amended observe clone AI-generated images. 

Google besides teased arsenic a preview its AlloyDB AI, which is expected to thief developers build their ain generative AI apps utilizing information held successful AlloyDB for PostgreSQL.

The Silicon Valley biz is besides hosting different text-based ML models connected Vertex AI, including Anthropic's Claude 2, nan open-source Falcon LLM Technology developed by nan Technology Innovation Institute, and Llama 2 from Meta. On apical of nan AI package announcements, Google besides refreshed its hardware chops pinch its fifth-generation TPU AI accelerator, caller virtual instrumentality instances powered by Nvidia's H100 GPUs, and more. You tin watch a replay of nan Cloud Next '23 keynote below. ®

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