Having your cake and eating it too

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Webinar The determination astir wherever to allocate workloads has gotten harder and harder successful nan era of multicloud. Organizations must take from connected prem, colo, aliases connected unreality retention to meet not only method requirements but besides business considerations specified arsenic cost, security, privacy, and compliance.

Too often nan action of 1 deployment location ends up meaning a discuss connected 1 of these cardinal criteria. But what if you could get nan advantages of nationalist unreality connected prem, and nan advantages of connected prem successful nationalist cloud?

Dell Technologies says it designed Dell APEX to makes this possible. It was built to springiness you nan standard and salary arsenic you spell elasticity of nationalist unreality - moreover your preferred unreality stack - but on-prem, wherever you tin clasp power of your data.

You tin study much astir those capabilities by joining our latest webinar – "How to Supercharge Your Workloads" connected 19 September astatine 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT. The Register's Tim Phillips will beryllium chatting pinch John Williamson of Dell Technologies arsenic they talk nan efficiencies and cost-savings disposable pinch Dell APEX, arsenic good arsenic really to bring nan champion of nan unreality connected prem and connected prem to nan cloud, and create nan flexible, businesslike IT strategy to meet each your business objectives.

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