IBM set to bump up storage prices outside the US in the new year

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IBM has announced it is to up nan acquisition value of a wide scope of retention products from Jan 1, making a bully astonishment to usher successful nan New Year for customers.

The incoming retention merchandise prices are listed successful an update connected Big Blue's website and do not look to impact customers successful nan US, but will use successful Canada, Europe, Japan, and parts of Africa including Morocco and South Africa.

IBM's changes look to comprise either a 5 percent aliases 10 percent emergence connected existing prices, depending connected nan circumstantial merchandise and territory.

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For example, immoderate models successful nan FlashSystem 5000 and FlashSystem 7000 portfolios look group for a 5 percent jump everyplace isolated from Japan, wherever nan summation will beryllium 10 percent. However, immoderate models successful nan FlashSystem 9000 statement look to beryllium climbing by 10 percent everyplace isolated from Canada and Switzerland, wherever nan summation is only 5 percent.

Meanwhile, models successful nan DS8000 bid of high-performance, high-capacity disk arrays are owed to get 10 percent much costly beautiful overmuch everyplace crossed nan board.

For portion libraries, nan summation is 5 percent crossed nan board, while for immoderate different portion retention solutions, it is is 10 percent successful each nan territories affected.

Other products affected see nan IBM Elastic Storage System (ESS), nan IBM SAN Volume Controller, and IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS). These products are group to go 10 percent much costly everyplace isolated from for Canada and Switzerland, wherever nan summation is only 5 percent.

However, a statement connected Big Blue’s website states that nan position and conditions of existing contracts will find nan applicability and circumstantial effect of nan value changes, and directs customers to interaction their IBM typical aliases IBM Business Partner for much information.

IBM did not mention immoderate logic for nan overhaul, which whitethorn simply bespeak an summation successful costs owing to ostentation and rising power prices.

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For almanac Q3, IBM reported revenues of $14.1 billion, up 6 percent year-on-year. However, it besides recorded a nonaccomplishment of $3.3 cardinal compared to a profit of $1.23 cardinal a twelvemonth ago, arsenic reported by our sister tract Blocks & Files.

The publication of IBM’s retention products to these figures is difficult to discern arsenic retention package is reported arsenic portion of its package division, and retention hardware is included successful its Infrastructure business results. ®