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Webinar In nan past, if humans wanted to look up and scheme for nan future, they would look into a crystal ball, scan nan heavens for a sign, aliases believe for a revelation.

We person mostly moved connected from advancing ambition by reference nan runes, but staying up of nan crippled remains captious nonetheless. And successful nan world of IT, being capable to predict, scheme and execute crossed SAP and non-SAP information is conscionable nan latest of aggregate imperatives.

Fortunately, SAP has created SAP Datasphere truthful that each information from almost immoderate root tin beryllium connected 1 information unreality and beryllium seen successful existent time. This improvement has been enriched by AI and ML which intends organizations tin centralize their information successful nan cloud.

Join this TechByte: Innovate pinch SAP Data and Beyond webinar connected 26 September astatine 9am BST/4am EDT/1am PDT to find retired more. You'll perceive Google Cloud experts including Mihaela Savastre, EMEA DATA Analytics Solutions Lead; Javier Fernandez, Business Development Lead, Data Analytics; and Vadim Zeripov, EMEA Data Analytics Specialist explicate and counsel connected really to deploy and innovate utilizing SAP information and non-SAP information crossed a modern unreality level which utilizes AI and ML.

The situation of a robust hosting infrastructure is met by nan business betwixt SAP and Google to supply a elastic exertion model successful nan Google Cloud Cortex Framework. It offers reference architecture patterns, packaged solution deployment contented and integration services and it will thief you to meet nan challenges of endeavor assets readying and operations.

You tin motion up to entree nan TechByte: Innovate pinch SAP Data and Beyond webinar by clicking this link.

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