Mattress maker Tempur Sealy says it isolated tech system to contain cyber burglary

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Tempur Sealy, among nan world's largest providers of bedding, has notified nan Securities and Exchange Commission of a integer burglary by cyber crims that forced it to isolate parts of nan tech infrastructure.

The Lexington, Kentucky-based biz, which turned complete $4.92 cardinal successful income during almanac 2022, confirmed connected July 23 it "identified a cybersecurity arena involving definite of nan company's accusation exertion systems."

"Upon find of nan event, nan institution activated its incident consequence and business continuity plans designed to incorporate nan incident. This included proactively shutting down definite of nan company's IT systems, resulting successful nan impermanent interruption of nan company's operations," yesterday's filing states.

Tempur Sealy said it has retained ineligible counsel, arsenic good arsenic infosec forensic experts and different consequence professionals "to counsel connected nan matter," and told rule enforcement authorities astir nan breach.

The mattress shaper says it has begun nan betterment process to "bring definite of its captious IT systems backmost online and has resumed operations. The forensic investigation remains ongoing and nan institution continues to activity to find whether this incident will person a worldly effect connected its business, operations, aliases financial results.

"If nan institution determines that immoderate individual accusation was involved, it would endeavor to comply pinch immoderate reporting obligations it whitethorn person pinch respect to specified accusation nether applicable law," nan filing adds.

Tempur Sealy develops, produces and markets representation foam mattresses, adjustable bases, pillows, and different related products. Like galore organizations, nan company's fortunes soared during nan pandemic – though it faced immoderate increasing pains successful 2022.

The information incident, aliases "cyber information event" arsenic it was described by nan company, will service arsenic an unwelcome distraction pursuing a 27 percent plunge successful profits to $455.7 cardinal past year.

Martin Mackay, main gross serviceman astatine Versa Networks, said nan "modus operandi" of cyber baddies is to trim "business uptime and availability" to "impact nan financials of an organization, arsenic good arsenic origin semipermanent marque harm if orders are delayed or, astatine worst, cancelled."

Tempur Sealy did person readying procedures successful spot to get captious systems unrecorded again, he added, "which will yet mitigate nan imaginable antagonistic effect nan onslaught could person had connected nan organization's reputation. Network segmentation, arsenic an example, allows information teams to quickly find malware, limit its movement, and yet trim nan imaginable effect of an attack."

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Just past year, Emma Sleep Company confirmed it had suffered a Magecart onslaught that allowed nan criminals to skim customers in installments aliases debit paper specifications from its website. Barely a period goes by erstwhile immoderate institution successful immoderate manufacture falls nether nan glare of ne'er-do-wells.

We person asked Tempur Sealy really nan criminals collapsed successful to its tech infrasture, nan malware used, really agelong they were connected nan inside, and whether they person demanded immoderate benignant of ransom. ®