Microsoft billing 3 cents a minute to revisit tedious Teams meetings via API

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Microsoft has announced billing successful nationalist preview for Teams signaling and transcription APIs, pinch pricing starting astatine 3 cents per infinitesimal for recordings.

Getting gathering transcripts and recordings utilizing Graph APIs is presently successful public developer preview, truthful nan billing, which started connected September 1, mightiness irk coders keen to usage these features successful their applications.

The API for signaling is billed astatine $0.03 per minute, and nan API for transcription is $0.024 per minute.

Microsoft cited line-of-business applications aliases ISV solutions successful income aliases HR arsenic imaginable usage cases for nan technology, which permits recordings arsenic an MP4 video record aliases transcripts arsenic VTT files to beryllium downloaded.

VTT includes useful accusation specified arsenic nan spoken words, timings, language, and nan names of nan speakers.

A developer could automatically make notes and connect gathering clips utilizing 1 aliases some contented API sets. Other information, specified arsenic sentiment and engagement metrics, could besides beryllium generated.

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Microsoft said: "These insights thief make meetings much productive for your users, truthful they tin walk much clip collaborating and solving problems alternatively than taking notes & search action items."

The institution published a guideline to utilizing nan APIs past period successful which it stated that nan information mode capacity would beryllium 600 minutes per app per tenant for signaling and transcript. The value for further usage was group astatine "$0.0" per minute, though Microsoft warned that "the value for further usage is taxable to alteration successful nan future."

Welcome to nan future.

Other online gathering services, specified arsenic Zoom, person APIs for accessing gathering content, and Microsoft is nary alien to charging for API entree to different Teams services.

However, customers already paying for an endeavor licence to usage Microsoft Teams would beryllium forgiven for emotion a small difficult done by successful bid to usage nan service. It is easy to ideate a lengthy gathering racking up nan minutes and triggering a perchance eye-watering charge. ®