Microsoft injects AI into Teams so no one will ever forget what the meeting decided

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Microsoft Teams – 1 of nan go-to video meetup devices of nan pandemic – is promising to "re-energize labor to execute business results" by injecting a spot of AI into nan mix.

Exploiting nan functionality of OpenAI's GPT-3.5, nan brains down nan chatbot-on-steroids ChatGPT, Microsoft says Teams Premium will connection a slew of caller features. For example, intelligent recap promises to connection "automatically generated gathering notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights," presumably robbing attendees of nan joyousness of arguing complete what had been decided.

Leaving slackers obscurity to hide, AI-generated tasks and action items tin beryllium automatically allocated to individuals, while nan strategy besides offers automated note-taking, which – if different transcriptions services are thing to spell by – promises to intersperse manufacture motto and firm groupthink pinch nan overseas fumbled badger.

Now mostly available, nan Teams facelift comes courtesy of OpenAI, nan on-trend linguistic exemplary shaper successful which Microsoft has invested $10 cardinal by measurement of a business project.

For multilingual organizations, "AI-powered real-time translations" for 40 spoken connection is astatine hand, offering Teams Premium customers unrecorded captioning successful their ain language. Presumably English speakers must hold to construe Texan into Geordie aliases Scots.

Microsoft announced its Teams AI integration successful a blog that claimed "economic uncertainties and changes to activity patterns" intends "organizations are searching for ways to optimize IT investments and re-energize labor to execute business results."

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"Now – much than ever – organizations request solutions to accommodate to change, amended productivity, and trim costs. Fortunately, modern devices powered by AI clasp nan committedness to boost individual, team, and organizational-level productivity and fundamentally alteration really we work," said Microsoft, which laid disconnected 10,000 unit past month.

For those bursting pinch nan desire to definitive themselves successful nan confines of nan virtual firm get-together, Microsoft has launched a Teams plugin for Elgato Stream Deck, purpose-built hardware that will let users to toggle nan camera, inheritance and shut up pinch nan touch of a button. There is besides a one-touch action to station heart-shaped on-screen "likes" which, successful trigger-happy hands, offers a sure-fire measurement to becoming nan astir hated squad member.

Microsoft's efforts to warrant its AI spending spree acold from make it unsocial successful nan market. This week endeavor ML master besides hopped connected nan bandwagon, pairing OpenAI's ChatGPT pinch information study devices to let earthy connection queries "to quickly locate, retrieve, and coming each applicable information crossed nan full corpus of an enterprise's accusation systems."'s banal leapt 9 percent connected nan announcement. ®