Microsoft's bricks-and-mortar retail operation set to return from the grave? Not quite

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Microsoft is group to reopen immoderate of its stores for income to nan wide public.

The move comes weeks aft Google shared its plans for a unit beingness successful New York and astir a twelvemonth aft nan Windows elephantine pulled nan shutters down connected its bricks-and-mortar unit operation.

Back past Microsoft described nan determination to adjacent nan outlets arsenic a "strategic alteration successful its unit operations," which brought to an extremity a 10-plus-year escapade connected nan precocious thoroughfare (or shopping mall). The axe swinging followed nan closure of its pop-up kiosks nan erstwhile year.

While each nan shuttered stores will not beryllium reopening, nan institution will beryllium allowing nan nationalist to acquisition bits of kit from "Microsoft Experience Centers" successful New York, Sydney, and London. The second location was opened successful 2019 but did not negociate moreover a twelvemonth of trading earlier nan pandemic closed its doors and nan beancounters made it imperishable (for unit purposes astatine least).

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A Microsoft spokesperson told The Register: "Our Microsoft Experience Centers were created to supply customers a measurement to acquisition our products successful person. We usage these spaces to trial and experiment, and proceed to germinate nan acquisition based connected customer feedback. Starting July 1, customers will beryllium capable to acquisition prime Microsoft products astatine nan New York, London and Sydney locations."

Much for illustration Apple fans visiting nan company's web of "Geniuses", Surface and Xbox customers tin besides usage nan Experience Centers to get their in-warranty borked gizmos fixed (assuming that a trek to 1 of nan remaining locations is not excessively onerous).

There is nary connection connected what kit will beryllium disposable for purchase; immoderate of nan company's Xbox consoles person been successful short proviso since launch. However, we powerfully uncertainty that customers pinch a desire for thing featuring Surface branding will time off disappointed. ®