Microsoft's Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update crashes OneDrive

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An October Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10 is causing OneDrive and OneDrive for Business unreality retention services to crash, Microsoft has confirmed.

The problem, which tin travel aft installing nan October 11 KB5018410 update aliases later, affects systems moving Windows 10 versions 22H2, 21H2, 21H1, and 20H2.

Microsoft said successful an update to nan Windows wellness dashboard that nan institution is moving to resoluteness nan rumor and said a solution whitethorn beryllium disposable successful nan coming week.

For users who person installed nan Windows 10 versions 21H1 and 21H2 updates, "OneDrive mightiness unexpectedly close, and you mightiness person an error" erstwhile attempting to tally a number of tasks, including signing retired aliases unlinking their relationship successful nan Microsoft OneDrive sync app, Microsoft said.

In addition, nan problem whitethorn besides originate if users effort to unlink sites aliases folders from syncing to their instrumentality from Microsoft SharePoint aliases Microsoft Teams sites. Attempts to uninstall nan OneDrive sync app besides mightiness fail, nan vendor added.


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This tin beryllium a important problem for enterprises, which progressively are storing information successful nan unreality alternatively than on-premises. According to marketplace investigation patient Statista, arsenic of this year, much than 60 percent of each firm information is stored successful nan unreality – doubly arsenic overmuch arsenic successful 2015 – pinch security, reliability, and agility being cardinal drivers.

The KB5018410 update made improvements to nan servicing stack for Windows 10. The servicing stack "is nan constituent that installs Windows updates," Microsoft wrote astatine nan time. "Servicing stack updates (SSU) guarantee that you person a robust and reliable servicing stack truthful that your devices tin person and instal Microsoft updates."

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Microsoft has had its challenges pinch OneDrive complete nan past year. In February, nan institution released an update for some Windows 10 and Windows 11 that fixed an issue successful which OneDrive information that was locally synced would stay moreover if nan personification opted for each of it to beryllium removed during a reset.

It was besides a problem for endeavor IT administrators who would spot OneDrive information enactment intact aft a distant reset by a mobile instrumentality guidance (MDM) application, specified arsenic nan Intune cloud-based endpoint guidance tool.

Microsoft astatine nan extremity of past twelvemonth ended support for OneDrive successful Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. In November 2021, unreality collaboration vendor Nextcloud and a number of EU package makers and unreality businesses filed a complaint pinch nan European Commission accusing Microsoft of anticompetitive behaviour by bundling OneDrive into Windows.

The title was akin to different criticisms that person echoed done nan years astir nan company's packaging of its applications pinch nan near-ubiquitous operating system.

In April, location were reports from users of OneDrive for Business desktop clients crashing for users moving Windows 7 connected their systems. ®