Nutanix's cloudy clusters now officially at home in Azure

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Nutanix's ambition to bring its stack to each awesome clouds has taken an important measurement guardant pinch news its Cloud Clusters (NC2) are now mostly disposable successful Microsoft’s Azure.

Microsoft connected Tuesday announced its NC2 work is now live, meaning Nutanix users tin rotation up clusters that look and consciousness for illustration nan remainder of their infrastructure – beryllium it hosted on-prem aliases successful AWS— but which runs connected a bare metallic server successful an Azure spot barn.

Nutanix argues nan attack reduces nan obstruction to unreality take by allowing customers to widen aliases migrate workloads to an opex-centric unreality exemplary without having to study nan ins and outs of Azure aliases needing to negociate 2 different package stacks.

Nutanix allows licence portability betwixt environments, making nan go-live of NC2 connected Azure a chance for customers to diversify their usage of nan upstart’s hyperconverged hybrid unreality stack.

Nutanix NC2 tin besides tally astatine Equinix, OVHcloud, and Cyxtera.

The thought of moving 3rd statement environments atop clouds is not new: VMware connected AWS went unrecorded successful 2017. Virtzilla has since teamed pinch Google Cloud and Azure for akin offerings, while IBM Cloud and Alibaba Cloud connection less-deeply-integrated VMware-powered clouds. So do complete 4,000 smaller unreality provides.

While Nutanix can’t lucifer VMware’s reach, nan specified truth that Microsoft sees NC2 arsenic a apt root of business for Azure is simply a beardown endorsement, moreover if customers only see nan Microsoft unreality for disaster betterment aliases capacity bursting.

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Availability of NC2 successful Azure could pull VMware customers weighing their options successful nan aftermath of Broadcom’s planned acquisition. Despite repeated assurances from VMware executives that Broadcom won’t hike prices, arsenic we’ve antecedently reported nan institution has a track record of doing conscionable that. Many VMware users stay tense astir what nan Broadcom acquisition will mean.

NC2 connected Azure is disposable successful nan unreality provider's Australia East, South East Asia, East US, East US 2, West US 2, and North Central US regions, pinch further locations expected to travel online successful nan adjacent future. ®