Patch Tuesday update is causing some Windows 10 systems to blue screen

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Some users moving Windows 10 who installed nan KB5021233 cumulative update this period are seeing their operating strategy clang pinch nan Blue Screen of Death, Microsoft is warning.

In an introduction complete nan play successful its Windows Health Dashboard, nan institution wrote that nan update mightiness origin "a mismatch betwixt nan record versions of hidparse.sys successful c:/windows/system32 and c:/windows/system32/drivers (assuming Windows is installed to your C: drive), which mightiness origin signature validation to neglect erstwhile cleanup occurs."

The consequence is nan strategy starting up to an correction – 0xc000021a – featuring nan bluish surface (BSOD).

The problem is affecting aggregate versions of Windows 10, including 22H2, 21H2, 21H1, and 20H2.

Microsoft wrote that engineers are moving connected a hole for nan problem and, successful nan meantime, person developed a workaround utilizing Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE), a instrumentality utilized to hole problems pinch operating systems that won't boot:

The personification will request to participate WinRE. If nan instrumentality doesn't automatically prima up into WinRE, nan steps for getting into it are recovered here.

Select nan Troubleshoot button.

Select nan "Start recovery, troubleshooting, and diagnostic tools" button.

Select nan "Advanced Options" button.

Select nan "Command Prompt" fastener and hold for your instrumentality to restart, if needed.

The instrumentality should restart to a Command Prompt window. Users mightiness request to motion into their instrumentality pinch their password earlier getting to nan Command Prompt window.

Run nan pursuing bid (Important: If Windows is not installed to C:\windows you will request to modify nan bid to your environment): xcopy C:\windows\system32\drivers\hidparse.sys C:\windows\\system32\hidparse.sys

Once nan erstwhile bid completes, type: exit

Select nan "Continue" button.

Windows should now commencement up arsenic expected.

Microsoft besides warned users not to travel immoderate different workaround aliases to delete nan hidparse.sys from their Windows\System32 folder.

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KB5021233 was released December 13 arsenic portion of nan larger Patch Tuesday rollout. According to Microsoft, nan update was aimed astatine fixing a problem pinch nan Camera app that caused it to extremity responding erstwhile nan representation is low.

This is by nary intends nan first clip Microsoft has had to reside an rumor caused by a Patch Tuesday update. The aforesaid time nan updates were released, nan elephantine package shaper said it was investigating problems for immoderate Windows Server 2019 and 2022 users who wanted to rotation up caller virtual machines successful immoderate Hyper-V hosts.

The rumor arose aft installing 2 updates connected Windows Server aliases Azure Stack HCI hosts managed by System Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and successful software-defined networking (SDN)-enabled environments pinch a web controller. As pinch nan Windows 10 problems, Microsoft issued a workaround while moving connected a fix. ®