'Private cloud server' Jira upgraded for wider teams, dragged into culture wars

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Atlassian's Jira instrumentality past Friday received important upgrades aimed astatine encouraging its usage beyond improvement teams, a time aft it was formed successful a sinister domiciled successful nan USA's civilization wars.

Let's screen nan upgrade first. Atlassian has signalled that Jira Product Discovery (JPD) will soon go mostly available. Like nan addition of Jira's workflow devices to Confluence, Atlassian's purpose pinch JPD is to get much teams that person input to package improvement moving pinch nan aforesaid tools.

The squad JPD addresses is merchandise managers, whom Atlassian believes create wish lists for enhancements to package successful spreadsheets, matter documents, aliases email. The ideas expressed tin truthful beryllium difficult to pass to developers, and harder to track.

JPD lets merchandise managers – and others who trust connected developers – stock ideas and past watch arsenic they're progressed.

Another Jira enhancement, Work Management, offers task guidance baked into Jira to again fto much parts of an org activity pinch nan Atlassian tool. Atlassian is alert of nan imaginable for capturing wallet stock pinch this tool, which whitethorn beryllium 1 logic it's giving it distant for a time.

Atlassian has besides released myriad templates for Jira truthful it's fresh to beryllium utilized successful much workflows that touch connected software.

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The Register didn't inquire if 1 of those workflows is societal media contented moderation requests passed from authorities agencies to societal web operators.

We mention that workflow only because past week's United States House Committee connected Oversight and Accountability proceeding connected "Protecting Speech from Government Interference and Social Media Bias, Part 1: Twitter's Role successful Suppressing nan Biden Laptop Story" unexpectedly mentioned that Jira was utilized successful conscionable specified a role.

Representative Anna Luna (R-FL) produced grounds that Twitter's erstwhile world caput of spot & safety, Yoel Roth, and different Twitter unit were capable to entree a Jira lawsuit successful which nan Department of Homeland Security and nan Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency – positive different authorities agencies – reported what they believed was misinformation. Roth and his squad could past see if nan reported tweets violated Twitter's position of service. Luna characterized Jira successful somewhat cloak-and-dagger position arsenic a "private unreality server" and suggested that usage of specified devices is inappropriate and grounds that Twitter acceded to authorities requests to suppress definite speech.

Roth tried to explicate nan quality of Jira, but was trim disconnected and did not return to nan topic.

The proceeding did uncover 1 alleged nonstop effort by nan US government's executive branch to censor Twitter: grounds from Anika Collier Navaroli, formerly of Twitter's Safety Team, stated that then-president Donald Trump fto it beryllium known he wanted Twitter to region an unflattering tweet posted by exemplary and tv characteristic Chrissie Teigen, bypassing nan agencies responsible for specified suggestions and nan Jira server they utilized for akin requests.

Of people The Register is acold excessively polite to repetition what Teigen called Trump, but that is aft each what hunt engines are for. ®