Salesforce's new hires are less productive, says CEO Benioff

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Salesforce laminitis and soon-to-be sole CEO Marc Benioff says newbies connected nan payroll are being little productive and he is trying to get a amended grip connected why this mightiness be, asking unit if nan deficiency of agency clip is simply a contributing factor.

In a connection posted connected nan firm Slack transmission astatine nan extremity of past week, arsenic revealed first by CNBC, nan billionaire questioned really his statement could summation nan potency of its astir caller hires.

"New labor (hired during nan pandemic successful 2021 and 2022) are particularly facing overmuch little productivity. Is this a reflection of our agency policy? Are we not building tribal knowledge pinch caller labor without an agency culture," Benioff asked.

"Are our managers not straight addressing productivity pinch their teams? Are we not investing capable clip into our caller employees? Do managers attraction capable clip and power connected onboarding caller labor and achieving productivity?"

He vanished disconnected pinch 1 past poser: "Is coming arsenic a caller worker to Salesforce excessively overwhelming?"

The CEO signed disconnected by saying he was "Asking for a friend."

According to Microsoft investigation successful September, nan number of meetings users held connected Teams was up 153 percent globally since nan pandemic, yet immoderate institution bosses still person productivity paranoia.

At nan commencement of this year, Salesforce pinned its colors to nan mast of hybrid work, informing that back-to-office mandates don't work. Then astatine nan commencement of this month, Salesforce called hundreds of workers backmost into nan office. This followed slowing income maturation astatine nan company.

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Benioff said connected a convention telephone to talk those results that immoderate roles would beryllium required to beryllium done connected site, connected occasion, nevertheless nan world of moving in-person wasn't going to spell backmost to pre-pandemic norms.

Salesforce's headcount grew from astir 35,000 successful 2019 to circa 49,000 successful 2020, up to 56,606 successful 2021 and 73,000 this year.

Other tech firms recruited heavy during those times excessively and are now coming nether pressure. Google, for example, has hired 37,000 group successful this almanac twelvemonth alone, and Meta swelled from 58,000 successful 2019 to 87,000 by nan 3rd 4th of 2022.

Meta is laying disconnected 13 percent aliases 11,000 employees and Google is under occurrence from a ample organization investor that wants guidance to make labor much productive while paying little them less. Amazon is expunging 10,000 people.

Salesforce has itself started to trim its workforce, chopping hundreds recently, but this was a mini fraction of its full headcount and appears to person been a determination to clip nan worst performing salespeople.

The activity of elder group astatine Salesforce is possibly much dramatic, wherever successful caller weeks nan institution has confirmed that main strategy serviceman Gavin Patterson was leaving, arsenic are Slack laminitis and CEO Stewart Butterworth, Tableau CEO Mark Nelson, and Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor.

With income slowing, these departures will nary uncertainty thief easiness immoderate unit connected operating expenses. ®