Security tech chief quits Salesforce as list of top-table departures grows

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The exodus of elder execs from Salesforce has continued pinch main exertion serviceman of information Taher Elgamal utilizing LinkedIn to denote his departure.

The pioneer of SSL is nan 2nd elder information personification to exit Salesforce successful caller months after Mark Carter, executive vice president of security, headed for nan doorway successful a tumultuous play astatine nan CRM slinger's apical table.

In a social media post, Elgamal said: "After 10 years of serving arsenic nan Security CTO astatine Salesforce, I decided to subordinate [venture superior investors] Evolution Equity Partners arsenic a wide partner. I made galore friendships astatine Salesforce complete nan past 10 years that I will ever cherish."

In a connection to nan press, a Salesforce spokesperson said nan institution was "grateful" to Elgamal for his tenure and wished him well.

According to his ain LinkedIn profile, Elgamal received a life accomplishment grant from nan RSA convention successful 2009. Inventor of respective manufacture and authorities standards successful information information and integer signatures – including nan DSS authorities modular for integer signatures – he claims to beryllium nan "father" of SSL.

Elgamal's departure comes astatine a difficult clip for nan 23-year-old SaaS company. Earlier this month, it announced a 10 percent trim to its workforce, blaming over-expansion during nan pandemic. The turnaround measures are group to costs betwixt $1.4 cardinal to $2.1 billion.

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The latest departure follows a number of elder figures who person discontinue Salesforce, which unwound its CEO occupation stock arrangement. Co-CEO Bret Taylor said he would time off nan institution successful January 2023 – leaving Marc Benioff occupying nan 1 remaining large chair. Other execs departing see main strategy serviceman Gavin Patterson, Slack laminitis and CEO Stewart Butterworth, and Tableau CEO Mark Nelson.


Salesforce: There's nary much Slack near to cut


Following Salesforce's Q2 results, CEO Marc Benioff said income cycles were getting stretched arsenic customers took a much measured attack to deals. Nonetheless, Q3 gross deed $7.84 billion, up 14 percent twelvemonth connected year, and produced nett income of $210 cardinal – a driblet from $468 cardinal successful 2021's corresponding quarter.

While Salesforce has blamed nan pandemic for its recruitment miscalculation, others person cited its acquisition strategy, which has seen it swallow Slack, Tableau and MuleSoft, arsenic a logic for its existent fiscal discomfort. ®