Southern Water to drink up tech deals worth up to £358M

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Southern Water — nan £792 cardinal ($996 million) UK inferior business — is connected nan hunt for exertion suppliers to return portion successful a £358 cardinal ($450 million) model woody which includes thief selecting and implementing a replacement for its existent SAP ERP system.

The woody is nether nan h2o company's Technology Service Partner Framework Agreement, which is group to past 4 years, pinch an action to widen for different four-year period. The full worth is only suggestive inferior is not bound to walk each of nan £358 cardinal fig pinch successful suppliers.

Details of nan procurement are published successful a pre-competition notice, which says suppliers tin compete for 8 lots, including integer and method services, firm strategy services, operational exertion services, endeavor accusation management, information and analytics, strategy and architecture, value and process services, and infrastructure.

Under nan explanation for firm systems services, nan announcement outlines plans for nan existent and early asset guidance period group retired by regulator Ofwat.

The existent AMP7 started successful 2020 and ends successful 2025, during which Southern Water is looking for “continuous finance successful nan firm technologies which see endeavor applications for illustration SAP, Success factors and Workday.”

It is besides looking for implementation services for caller ERP solution supporting nan customer services, finance and procurement. In nan adjacent five-year finance period, starting 2025, nan inferior is looking for thief successful its ERP package selection.

The institution uses a substance of business applications, including those from Oracle, but its financial accounting package level comes from SAP.

The tender besides specifications finance successful information and analytics. In its existent finance period, Southern Water is focused connected information warehousing and lakes, information integration, information analytics and nan improvement of business intelligence software. From 2025, it will activity thief pinch projects including information manipulation, visualization, instrumentality learning, heavy learning, and exemplary deployment.

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In 2021, Southern Water — which provides h2o services crossed confederate England from Hampshire to Kent — named IBM, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro among 13 winners connected a £50 cardinal woody to thief build and negociate applications.

The institution has a relationship pinch UK outsourcing patient Capita for front-office customer contact, back-office transaction processing, indebtedness management, measure printing, message and inbound correspondence handling nether a woody group to extremity successful 2025. ®