SSD missing from SAP datacenter turns up on eBay, sparking security investigation

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Exclusive An SSD disk missing from an SAP datacenter successful Walldorf has turned up connected eBay, starring to a information investigation by nan German package vendor.

According to sources adjacent to nan incident, 4 SSD disks went missing from SAP's Walldorf datacenters successful Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany, successful November past year.

One of nan disks later turned up connected eBay and was bought by an SAP employee. They were capable to place that it belonged to SAP. The disk contained individual records of 100 aliases much SAP employees.

A consequent investigation recovered that nan disks had been stolen, though quality correction and process nonaccomplishment besides contributed to their loss, The Register understands.

The investigation showed location were nary beingness checks connected group leaving nan datacenter, which was described arsenic a unafraid location. The disks were moved to an unsecured building successful nan HQ analyzable and from location they were stolen. The whereabouts of nan 3 remaining disks are chartless to SAP.

The Register understands it is nan 5th incident of disks going missing from SAP's European datacenters successful 2 years.

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In consequence to questions raised by The Register, a SAP spokesperson said nan disks truthful acold contained nary personally identifiable accusation (PII).

"SAP takes information information very seriously. Please understand that while we don't remark connected soul investigations, we tin corroborate we presently person nary grounds suggesting that confidential customer information aliases PII has been taken from nan institution via these disks aliases otherwise," they said.

The information breach will beryllium an embarrassment to SAP arsenic nan institution centered connected endeavor assets readying (ERP) package strives to summation its success successful unreality computing and package arsenic a service, some done its ain unreality services and services hosted by third-party providers.

In 2019, Finnish information removal master Blancco recovered that of a sample of 159 random utilized drives connected eBay successful nan US and Europe, 42 percent (or 67 devices) enabled anyone pinch basal IT literacy to entree nan information stored by their erstwhile owners. A whopping 15 percent contained PII that could beryllium utilized by cybercriminals, nan institution said. ®