Virgin Media O2 offers plug-in 5G network in a box

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Virgin Media O2's business limb has released a plug-and-play backstage 5G web product, meaning customers should beryllium capable to get a 5G work operating anyplace pinch powerfulness and an net connection.

Available now, nan merchandise comes successful a portable enclosure and erstwhile plugged in, provides a tract pinch a 5G Standalone backstage web that tin beryllium utilized and activated, and not conscionable by telecoms engineers, if VMO2 tin beryllium believed.

The thought down backstage 5G is that it offers organizations nan expertise to run their ain dedicated 5G web that tin supply a much unafraid relationship which covers a wider area than a emblematic endeavor Wi-Fi deployment.

Other companies already connection backstage 5G deployments, including BT, Cisco, Dell, and HPE, but galore of these are focused connected ample fixed sites specified arsenic ports, hospitals, and business campuses.

While VMO2 is besides targeting these customers, its merchandise is delivered arsenic a self-contained solution that tin beryllium carried to a location and connected up to supply impermanent sum astatine a site, for example. (The institution describes it arsenic "only somewhat larger than a carry-on hose bag," but we fishy hose compartment unit would not beryllium happy if you tried to ram 1 into an overhead locker.)

The institution told america nan strategy plugs into an Ethernet larboard for backhaul complete nan internet, and nan backstage 5G web supports some VMO2 licensed N78 and shared entree N77 wave bands for indoor and outdoor use, which is wished based connected nan tract location.

The merchandise itself uses hardware from Nokia, which is providing some nan web halfway and power components, and seems to beryllium based connected Nokia's Digital Automation Cloud (DAC), described arsenic "an industrial-grade backstage wireless 4G and 5G networking and exertion platform."

It besides includes Nokia's MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) platform, which lets customers process information locally connected nan strategy successful real-time, meaning business-critical applications do not request to pass backmost to an exertion successful nan nationalist cloud, VMO2 said.

According to VMO2, it has developed and deployed 2 backstage 5G platforms since nan first tests of this portable model, 1 of which is pinch Telefónica's invention arm, Wayra, which has been utilizing it astatine nan outfit's London offices to let customers and mini businesses to acquisition 5G Standalone applications first-hand.

Further tests person progressive companies offering products ranging from Virtual Reality (VR) applications to Internet of Things (IoT) services.

  • Cloud, datacenter vendors musculus successful connected accepted telco territory astatine MWC
  • HPE drops backstage 5G into GreenLake by acquiring Athonet
  • Vodafone tests waters pinch 5G Raspberry Pi guidelines station
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"From startups to ample enterprises, our latest web solution will alteration 5G tests and deployment without nan clip aliases costs of building a full network," Virgin Media O2 Business managing head Jo Bertram said successful a statement.

However, nan business was alternatively little forthcoming erstwhile it comes to nan costs of nan product, possibly that is because it is not going to beryllium cheap.

Head of Strategy, Innovation and 5G IoT Sandeep Raithatha told america that "the costs of nan solution depends connected nan needs of nan circumstantial customer, and factors including nan size of nan site, long and number of devices will effect nan price."

CCS Insight telecoms expert Kester Mann told america this work from VMO2 will entreaty to businesses that whitethorn not person nan time, resources aliases requirements to build a afloat aliases much imperishable backstage network, but still want immoderate of nan aforesaid benefits of power and reliability.

"Virgin Media O2 has been steadily pushing into nan backstage networks opportunity complete nan past 18 months, securing deals pinch British Sugar and nan NHS on nan way," he said.

While this merchandise is simply a first for nan UK, VMO2 is not nan only usability looking astatine compact backstage web solutions, Mann said, pointing retired that Vodafone showed disconnected a prototype Raspberry Pi-based backstage 5G network-in-a-box astatine this year's Mobile World Congress. ®