VMware, Broadcom extend deadline for acquisition to be signed, sealed, delivered

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VMware and Broadcom person fixed themselves much clip to reason nan acquisition of nan erstwhile by nan latter.

In a filing lodged past Friday, nan virtualization elephantine revealed it and Broadcom had "each delivered to nan different a communal announcement to widen … to a day that is 12 months pursuing nan day of nan Merger Agreement, which is May 26, 2023."

That puts nan caller "outside date" – nan past time for nan woody to beryllium done – astatine May 26, 2023. This hold gives nan 2 parties an other 90 days to get this point done.

Broadcom has many times stated it intends to adjacent nan woody wrong its existent financial year, which ends connected October 30.

EU emblem stretched into mobility mark

EU probes Broadcom/VMware woody complete effect connected hardware, not value hikes aliases cloudy concerns


No logic was offered for nan delay, but slow information of nan transaction by regulators is simply a apt cause.

The Register offers that study arsenic nan European Commission's case file for its antitrust probe of nan woody mentions that its self-imposed deadline to present a determination was delayed owed to slow accumulation of requested information.

The EC now expects to present a verdict connected nan woody connected aliases earlier June 7.

The UK's initial decision connected nan woody has been promised earlier March 22 – but 1 imaginable result of that investigation could beryllium a determination to behaviour a second, longer, information of nan transaction's ramifications. The US Federal Trade Commission is yet to item a timeline for its decision.

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For VMware and Broadcom, getting their paperwork successful bid to guarantee they person plentifulness of clip to decorativeness nan woody truthful makes sense.

Broadcom continues to definitive its ardor for VMware, pinch CEO Hock Tan's sanction appearing connected a drawstring of societal media posts advising stakeholders of articles he has penned, Q&A sessions successful which he gives wide answers to unchallenging questions, aliases 3rd statement articles that definitive praise for nan deal.

While nan transaction burbles on towards a conclusion, VMware's rivals are making much sound astir nan alternatives they correspond – successful nan dream that immoderate users consciousness nan clip is ripe to migrate to a different platform.

Some moreover hint that nan woody could autumn apart, leaving VMware successful a anemic position. There are nary evident reasons for nan transaction to fail, though pinch liking rates having risen importantly since Broadcom arranged finance for nan woody it has efficaciously go a much costly proposition. ®