VMware staff reportedly told job cuts may start before Broadcom acquisition

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VMware past week held a unit gathering astatine which it reportedly foreshadowed occupation cuts – possibly earlier its acquisition by Broadcom closes successful precocious October.

The Register has confirmed that nan gathering took spot past week and that it was a regular quarterly institution update that featured a Q&A convention pinch staff.

Accounts of nan gathering vary. On thelayoff.com we’ve recovered threads suggesting unit were told that erstwhile Broadcom takes over, unit will person 1 of 3 offers: severance connected VMware's accustomed terms; a caller connection of ongoing employment from Broadcom, or; a short-term statement arsenic portion of a modulation scheme that will spot their roles eliminated successful nan future.

Broadcom unit will apparently beryllium nan ones informing VMware group of their futures – moreover VMware managers do not cognize their fate, ne'er mind nan early position of their squad members.

An Insider report mentions a gathering and claims an email pinch nan aforesaid early occupation options has circulated wrong VMware.

Speculation online is morbid, and morale among those sharing these specifications is intelligibly not high. Some propose that occupation cuts could beryllium announced connected Monday, October 16, making unlucky Friday, October 13th nan past business time connected which VMware labor tin confidently scheme an all-hands farewell party.

The Register has besides seen VMware unit station their resumes aliases CVs to LinkedIn, pinch nan mentation that a proactive occupation hunt makes bully consciousness moreover if leaving VMware is not their preferred option.

Comments connected The Layoff besides authorities that VMware execs person acknowledged that China’s regulators are yet to o.k. nan deal.

Comments connected The Layoff are anoymous - we can't norm retired they're being made by troublemakers. But if they're fakes, they're consistent, and show coagulated insights into VMware's operations.

The Reg asked VMware corroborate specifications successful this story. A spokesperson told us: "As Broadcom announced publicly, we expect nan woody to adjacent connected October 30, 2023. While integration plans continue, VMware remains focused connected executing its multi-cloud strategy."

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There’s nary connection connected whether occupation losses will travel to peculiar VMware business units aliases beryllium crossed nan board. Back agency occupation losses tin beryllium assumed – Broadcom apt won’t request 2 complete finance aliases quality resources teams.

Hints of Broadcom’s intentions tin possibly beryllium divined successful CEO Hock Tan’s galore statements of admiration astir VMware’s multi-cloud guidance tools, and his post extolling nan virtues of nan Tanzu exertion improvement and Kubernetes platform.

He’s said acold little astir VMware’s end-user compute portfolio, a mostly mature section successful which desktop-as-a-service represents a important competitory challenge. Broadcom Software’s Symantec Enterprise acquisition intends it besides already has plentifulness of information products, perchance making VMware’s Carbon Black portion susceptible to cuts that trim overlaps. ®