Want to reduce your application TCO by 64 percent?

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Sponsored Post Maintaining your Windows applications either connected prem aliases successful nan incorrect type of unreality hosting situation tin sometimes build a important method debt. So wouldn't you for illustration to cognize really a operation of nan AWS unreality and AMD processors tin thief you migrate and modernize those workloads and prevention you money (up 64 percent little full costs of ownership according to AWS)?

You tin find retired by signing up to be nan AWS Windows Migration & Modernization Day. The Business Track kicks disconnected successful Sydney astatine 10:30am AEDT connected 31 October (registration opens half an hr earlier) astatine nan AWS agency astatine Level 37, 2 Park St, Sydney, NSW 200 (see it connected a representation here).

After general introductions Ben Place, AWS APJ Head of Business Development for Windows will footwear of nan superior proceedings by talking you done nan reasons to tally your Windows workloads connected AWS. Existing customers will past measurement up to stock their experiences, including Justyn Green, Cloud Practice Lead astatine Versent, and Justin Fenwick, General Manager of IT astatine EVT Limited.

After luncheon a 2nd Technical Track astatine 1:30pm AEDT will spot James Scanlon, Microsoft Specialist Solutions Architect astatine AWS connection his penetration connected really AWS tin thief organizations navigate nan method and licensing implications progressive successful .Net modernization pathways. Next up is AWS Microsoft Principal Solutions Architect Sri Attanayake, who will present a convention connected SQL modernization pinch Babelfish, earlier nan day is concluded pinch a fewer networking drinks to observe nan day.

Interested? You tin registry to be nan AWS Windows Migration & Modernization Day here.

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