Windows Subsystem for Linux now packaged as a Microsoft Store app

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Microsoft has made its Store nan location of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

"The Store type of WSL is now nan default type of WSL" wrote Craig Loewen, a programme head for nan Windows Developer Platform, successful a Tuesday post.

"The in-Windows type of WSL will still person captious bug fixes, but nan Store type of WSL is wherever caller features and functionality will beryllium added," Loewen explained.

WSL is an app successful nan Microsoft Store that lets you tally existent Linux that integrates straight into Windows

The Store type will moreover beryllium nan default for those utilizing nan wsl –install bid from nan terminal. Executing nan bid will automatically instal nan Store type of WSL. It will nary longer alteration nan Windows Subsystem for Linux optional component, nor instal nan WSL kernel aliases WSLg MSI packages, arsenic they are nary longer needed .

Loewen admits that this is each a small confusing because Microsoft offers 2 types of WSL distros: WSL 1 which isn't really a VM and doesn't connection nan afloat Linux kernel, and WSL 2 which is simply a afloat Linux VM. "There is besides nan 'in-Windows' type of WSL arsenic a Windows Optional component, and WSL successful nan Microsoft Store arsenic nan 'Store type of WSL'," Loewen clarified.

"With this update our extremity is to simplify our versioning story. Since WSL 2 is nan default distro type, and nan Store type of WSL is nan default instal location, you tin conscionable say: WSL is an app successful nan Microsoft Store that lets you tally existent Linux that integrates straight into Windows."

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News that nan Store-bought type of WSL has go Microsoft's main play came pinch a alteration successful position for nan package – from preview to wide readiness – positive activity to guarantee it functions connected some Windows 10 and 11.

The update besides adds nan pursuing features:

  • --enable-wsl1 Enables WSL 1 support during nan instal of nan Microsoft Store type by besides enabling nan “Windows Subsystem for Linux” optional component;
  • --no-distribution Do not instal a distribution erstwhile installing WSL;
  • --no-launch Do not automatically motorboat nan distro aft install;
  • --web-download Download nan astir caller type of WSL from nan net alternatively of nan Microsoft Store.
  • wsl.exe --update Check for, and use updates to, nan WSL MSIX package from nan Microsoft Store, alternatively than updating nan WSL kernel MSI;
  • When moving WSL utilizing nan Windows optional constituent version, erstwhile a week you will spot a connection connected startup indicating that you tin upgrade to nan Store type by moving wsl --update.

Other additions see nan action to adopt strategy and nan expertise to tally Linux GUI apps nether Windows 10.

While nan Store is now Microsoft's preferred and default method to entree and instal WSL, nan project's GitHub page still offers releases that tin beryllium installed manually. ®