XenServer teases free VMware migration package

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XenServer, nan Citrix spin-out that will connection a hypervisor and associated guidance devices for x86 systems, has teased a scheme to lure VMware customers arsenic good arsenic a small much item astir its plans to run arsenic an independent entity.

The outfit's offerings are based connected nan Citrix products of nan aforesaid sanction – XenServer – and connection plentifulness of what's needed to tally a backstage cloud. XenServer, nan product, is presently marketed arsenic "Citrix Hypervisor" – a alteration made earlier Citrix was swallowed by backstage equiteers, bundled into nan "Cloud Software Group" and chopped up into respective discrete businesses.

XenServer has previously signalled ambitions to put successful and beforehand its eponymous products – a sensible ambition now that multicloud is nan basking point and on-prem backstage clouds are mundane – and made overmuch of its licensing terms.

In caller societal media posts, nan outfit has teased a Q3 merchandise of a "trial version" of XenServer that "enables each nan functionality of Premium Edition, including for nan first clip ever our closed-source components."

The existent Premium Edition of XenServer/Citrix Hypervisor includes features for illustration GPU virtualization not coming successful nan cheaper Standard edition.

The Premium merchandise besides includes nan "Citrix Hypervisor Conversion Manager" which allows for batch migration of VMs from VMware to Citrix.

"Everyone, whether an existing customer aliases not, will beryllium capable to trial nan capabilities of XenServer 8 utilizing a marque caller Trial Edition," declared a caller tweet. A follow-up stated "0 to xen successful 10 is our aim, that's why XenServer 8 Trial Edition will beryllium nan default licensing authorities consecutive retired of nan box."

We deliberation that intends XenServer is promising accelerated implementation and/or migration.

As you would erstwhile trying to find caller customers for a merchandise that's not been offered arsenic a superior wide intent virtualization stack for almost a decade. Citrix gave up connected that ambition aft VMware trounced it, past retreated to making XenServer an perfect situation to big different Citrix apps. Easier migration whitethorn besides entreaty to nan galore VMware users that are prepared to see alternatives – thanks, successful part, to concerns astir Broadcom's imminent acquisition.

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Another caller XenServer station revealed a caller logo that – for illustration nan 1 Elon Musk plastered complete nan smouldering remains of Twitter – is based connected nan missive X.

Here it is, successful each its exxy glory.

XenServer's caller logo

XenServer's caller logo – Click to enlarge

In past months – and again this week – The Register has asked Citrix and genitor institution Cloud Software Group for an update connected its strategy, and really spinouts for illustration XenServer will service readers. We're yet to person a substantive reply aliases an connection a chat, but clasp retired dream nan biz will soon explicate itself.

Until that happens, users of XenServer/Citrix Hypervisor whitethorn want to guarantee their browsers aren't dispute to URL redirects – XenServer has promised that hypervisor-related contented connected citrix.com will soon look connected XenServer.com.

While we're successful a authorities of Xen, it's besides worthy noting that nan unfastened root Xen Project has appointed a organization manager, who has promised to undertake actions including a web tract refresh it's hoped will "make accusation accessible and bring higher visibility to nan community. In return, we should spot much liking and perchance caller group wanting to contribute." ®